Our Values

We strive to be the best in the commercial door installation business in North Carolina, providing outstanding value along with dedicated professional installation service.

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Our Experience

As a team, we have 25 years experience in door and hardware installation services.  We aim to deliver outstanding customer service at a competitive price. We strive to provide reliable, timely door and hardware installation work to meet our client's requirements.

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Our Spirit

Our company is 100% Veteran owned and operated.  We not only boast of our patriotic support of the Military and Veteran communities, our owners are active American Legion members and pursue hiring of military veterans as employees and independent contractors because of their integrity, dependability, flexibility and high standards of achievement.

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Our Mission

We are a growing commercial door installation company, based in the East-Central North Carolina region, with the desire, motivation and dependability to meet client expectations at a reasonable and affordable price.  Our tested professionalism, exceptional reliability, and fair price structure give us our competitive advantage.

As our motto says, we are "Crossing the Threshold of Value and Dedication," both to outstanding customer service and to excellent door and hardware installation support throughout your building project.

We are unique in the commercial door and hardware installation market.  Our experience, competence, and strong desire to achieve higher-than-expected results shows in our competitiveness in the industry.

Our mission is to bring competence and reliability back to the door installation business.  Give us a chance to prove ourselves to you!